Lubbock Local Spending Power

When we say Lubbock Strong we really mean it!

Lubbock’s Local Spending Power is recovering FAST. Are you and your business ready? Whether you are a Lubbock local ready to be ‘outside’ or a local small business owner you are helping power the economy and strengthening the Lubbock dollar. 

 In the past few years shopping has made getting what you want right now extremely accessible for everyone. Because of this corporate businesses are thriving nationally, in comparison to local businesses. 80% of American shoppers shop with corporate businesses meaning that local dollars are being spent elsewhere, powering someone else’s economy.

We all can attest that since the pandemic the economy has seen many different shifts. One shift that we are excited about at Outserved is the fact that, in the winter 2020, one in every five shoppers have made it a point to start shopping local. This is great news for local business owners! For every $100 spent with a local business Lubbock locals are injecting $48 back into the local economy. 

Lubbock Spending Power

Lubbock, we see you! Every time you shop locally you are helping build the city dollar by west-texas dollar. 57% of consumers shop local because they want to support their local economy. Without you, the economy would never recover. Not only are you reviving the economy but you are strengthening the community. 38% of consumers support local businesses because they feel more connected to the community by doing so. Think about your favorite florist, kid’s care provider, restaurant or even 

boutique, every time you visit you are making the community stronger! 

So keep it up, Lubbock! Keep supporting your favorite neighborhood car wash, your favorite hidden-gem yoga studio, and your favorite pizzeria, you are helping Lubbock recover and continue growing! 

On your next shopping trip be sure to support local and keep the economy strong. 

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