How Customer Reviews Can Boost Your Sales

If you’re happy and you know it...write a review.

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is still alive and well! Is your business utilizing reviews to boost sales? If not here are a few reasons why you should be. 

Many business owners are leaving money on the table. Not collecting or encouraging customer reviews may be impacting your sales. Let’s talk about how.

When trying to get new customers to your business you have to convince them that your business is where they should be spending their time and money. 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. (Spiegel 2021)

Customers must weigh the pros and cons of a purchase before making the decision to buy. Being able to read other’s feedback on your business helps them tremendously in this process. Reviews help a potential customer measure the quality of your product or service additionally they can help them build trust of you and your brand. If that’s not enough to convince you, a bonus is that reviews can also boost your website traffic! Adding content of the customer experience to your website can help when people are searching keywords that they are looking for. “Great patio”, “Amazing customer service”, “Family-friendly”, and so many more common phrases will boost your SEO score as you collect reviews. “The purchase likelihood for a product with five star reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews,”  (Spiegel report)

Hopefully, you are on board now, lets talk about how you can begin to collect reviews. The easiest way is to simply ask your customers! When they are done checking out engage with them and let them know that you care and value their feedback. Ask them to kindly leave you a review while the experience is fresh on their mind. You can have them leave a review on Google, that is the easiest for the customer. Or if you have a Facebook page ask them to check in and leave a review there! 



Another great way to collect reviews is to offer incentives for their time. Giving away prizes, discounts, or free merch is a great way to encourage customers to leave you a review. You can do this at the time of purchase, after check out, or even create an entire campaign within your existing audience. (email list, social media following, loyalty club) 

Now, if you’re still with us and want to go the extra mile make sure you follow up with your reviewers. Take the time to say thank you or address any issues that may have come up for the customer. Additionally, you can use their sentiments to create more content. You can use this review and create content to share with your existing audience. Make a fun blurb of your top reviews in your newsletter, make a graphic for your social media with a quote from the review! 

Ok, now if you are ready to increase your sales with sales you’ve already made we challenge you to think about a few ways that you can start to collect reviews in your business.

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