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We Are Outserved Lubbock

Target customers at specific times, connect with your customers on a deeper level, and grow your business.

Our Solutions

Geo-Fence Marketing

Digital net around your business to target customers, collect and organize meaningful data & drive recurring sales

Real Time Analytics

Understand customer behavior with an easy-to-read dashboard and gain insight on behavioral trends

Summary Dashboard

View a dashboard of visitors, behaviors, demographics and more

No Hardware Needed

Who likes messing with hardware? We sure don't

Location-Based Marketing

Businesses can target their audience when they're geographically closer or in the perfect moment

Build Loyalty In Your App

Encourage product purchases and add loyalty programs in your business app

Track Marketing Analytics From A simple, easy-to-use, dashboard

Understand who’s opening your app or coming into your store so you can make better marketing decisions going forward.

Precision Monitoring and alerts

Review the visual flow of traffic throughout the day and build on potential down times

Track growth and visit retention to understand new visitors vs. return visitors

See guest behavior and their average visit time

Local LBK

Outserved has partnered with Local LBK to give you the best experience Lubbock has to offer! Local LBK is a platform for local experiences and collaborations.

Through this strategic partnership, we are creating an all new experience and leading marketplace in Lubbock by giving the community access to events, products, stories, and fire discounts from more than 120+ local businesses.

By supporting locally owned and independent businesses, you are getting the best experiences, products, and services that Lubbock has to offer while making your community a better place!

How is GEOFENCE MARKETING ANALYTICS being used in your market?

Local Business, Cities & Communities

Pinpoint traffic of locals and optimize on ad-space/promotions, public events, announcements and more

Shopping Centers

Understand customer patterns more accurately within malls and shopping centers

Schools & Universities

Get detailed reports on student activity inside campus, during sporting events, and easily send important announcements and alerts

Outserved gives us an easy tool that lets us keep track of our store traffic and brings us new users

- Albert
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