About Us

Started in 2019 as a mobile app featuring instant deals, live happy hours and community alerts from hotspots in Lubbock, Texas, Outserved now helps businesses have a more data-driven mindset to grow their business and retain customers using geofence marketing and data organization. With geofence marketing, which is compatible with 92 percent of U.S. smartphones, you can reach your audience in new ways, increasing revenue and customer retention. Our mission is to allow businesses to understand their customers, their interests and actions so you can make better decisions moving forward keeping customers in the door. 

We are based in Lubbock, Texas and have an exclusive partnership with Local LBK to provide Outserved technology to over 120+ local businesses in Lubbock. Through this strategic partnership, Outserved is powering an all new experience and leading marketplace in Lubbock by giving the community access to events, products, business stories and fire discounts from local businesses.